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Operations Management, Capital Investment, Acquisitions, Funding, Capital Raising Activity*, Impact Investing, Family Offices


Manufacturing, Business Services, Real Estate and Information Technology

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With a personable approach our team of advisors can help your business in many different categories of expertise.


We work with market data and technological solutions when possible.

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We  leverage our deep relationships and experience with private equity firms, entrepreneurial ventures, Fortune 100 companies, and our own personal networks to bring financial, operational, relationship building and deal flow expertise to those who work with us.

Letter from the founder

What fuels growth?
What transforms ideas into reality?
What turns passion into progress?

Some say it’s innovation, hard work or disruption that lie at the heart of creating something great.But we believe that strong businesses – the kind that endure and thrive long-term – are built on something deeper.

Sitting at the core of these businesses are deeply rooted competencies. Characteristics developed over time that can’t be disrupted by the latest fads.

We believe that relationships, trust and experience are at the heart of success.Without these ingredients, walls form, ideas fail to flourish and opportunities go unrealized.But blend them together and things start to happen.Doors open, problems get solved and deals get done.

That’s where we come in. We built Principals Equity to connect great ideas and new trends with the people and capital needed to help them thrive.

At Principals Equity, we believe that when you bring together the right ingredients, incredible things happen.

Our philosophy is simple. By blending great relationships with the best and brightest people together with the right type of capital and leading businesses…all things are possible.

Sameer Mittal

Founder and Managing Partner

Industry Expertise

We can help you maximize your potential within you industry. Our Expert advisors have been where you are and have achieved multiple success. We each take pride in our work and the tested strategic efforts we provide.

Areas of Expertise

Our certified advisors and licenced professionals have expertise in Operations Management, Capital Investment, Acquisitions, Funding, Capital Raising Activity, Impact Investing and Family Offices. Learn more on how we can help your business.

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