Our Process

Our Process

At Principals Equity, we believe that strong relationships are the bedrock for propelling business growth and raising capital*.

While every deal is different, our 20 years of experience as bankers, operators, connectors and investors have led to a process for kick-starting engagements and putting them on a fast-track to results.

The Detailed Process

Deep Dive Discovery.

Our strength is understanding what CEOs really need. This process starts by digging deep to uncover their goals, objectives, wants and challenges. Before we commit to an assignment, we invest time to work arm in arm with CEOs to understand exactly what the client is looking to do from both a broad and operational perspectives.

  • What are you looking to accomplish?
  • What are the operational hitch points you need to overcome?
  • What are the goals for growth?

Fact Finding & Industry Insight.

With insight into the business’s goals, Principals Equity conducts our own industry and company research so that we can begin to build your plan. We build relationship maps to identify if we have the right contacts in our network to leverage in support of a client’s goals. This investment of our time happens in the background to ensure we’re poised for success before taking on new business.

Proposal for the Assignment.

Based on discussions with the company, industry research and relationships Principals Equity will present a detailed proposal with timelines to the company.

Hand Holding.

At Principals Equity, we want to build a strong and healthy relationship with you over the long run. We take a hands on, high-touch approach to ensure you’re poised for success. To that end, we value transparent and active feedback on an ongoing basis. We’ll always be there to coach you every step of the way, from what to do if someone’s not returning your call to helping navigate back channel communications. With Principals Equity, you’re not alone and will always have access to the expertise of seasoned investors and operators.

Strategic Plan and Proposal for Action.

Once the agreement is signed Principals Equity, with the validation that it has the expertise and relationships to help your business, we develop a strategic plan laying-out how we can help achieve your goals and how to move forward. This roadmap lays out a step-by-step outline for how we will implement the activities over the course of 3-12 months depending on the assignment (capital raising / M&A transactions are 3-6 months vs longer terms strategic assignments can be up to 12 months). We’ll guide you, not only on exactly what to do, but what order to tackle it in and how to go about it. This plan solidifies the details of the partnership, covering topics like:

  • Relationships: Who are we going to put you in touch with? What steps will we take to nurture those relationships?
  • Milestones: What are the waypoints we need to hit?
  • Goals: What are the specific objectives and outcomes that we’re looking to achieve?
  • Benchmarks: What are the expectations in terms of what the client will receive and when?
  • Capital Raising: What capital is going to be raised? Who are the best investors for the opportunity. Who are we going to put you in touch with and which relationships are we going to leverage?
  • Board Seats: What characteristics are being sought? Potential individuals to approach.

My experience with Principals Equity was so positive, that I brought them back in to help me with another transaction.

CEO, top 5 transportation company in the US